Enhance cardholder experience with our ACS, designed for issuers and card processors. It reduces fraud, chargebacks, and operational costs, while complying with SCA and supporting multiple authentication modes.


Secure your transactions with our 3DS Server. Shift liability, reduce chargebacks, and enhance customer trust—all seamlessly integrated for merchants and payment processors.

Trusted by Global Card Schemes

HiTRUST holds certifications from the six major global card schemes and EMVCo. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of security and compliance worldwide.

Compliance and Certification
Compliance and Certification

Why HiTRUST's 3-D Secure (3DS)?

25 Years of Experience

HiTRUST has been providing 3D Secure solution since the launch of EMV 3D Secure 1.0.

Flexible Implementation

Cloud-based and on-premises solutions are available to meet regulatory compliance.


Seamlessly integrates our 3DS with Veri-id (Fraud Detection) and Veri-FIDO (Passwordless authentication).

Regulatory Compliance

Our hosting facilities meet PCI 3DS, PCI DSS standards, and undergo annual certification audits.

24x7 Support

For cloud-based, HiTRUST provides 24/7 support to ensure reliable uptime and compliance with card scheme regulations.

Multiple Authentication Model

Archive SCA by offering multiple authentication modes to your cardholders

One-Time Password (OTP)
  • One extra layer of protection

  • Easy to implement

  • Global acceptance

Out-Of-Band (OOB)
  • Mitigate SIM-Swap and phishing

  • Improve user experience

  • Versality in deployment

Go Passwordless
  • Biometrics security

  • Phishing resistant authentication

  • Lower cart abandonment rate

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Our ACS and 3DS Server offer powerful dashboard offering bird eye view

  • Realtime Transaction Statistics

  • Advanced Transaction Reports For Troubleshooting

  • ACS Challenge UI Customization

  • BIN / ISO Currency Management

  • Manage & Deploy Card Scheme Certificate

  • User Role & Group Management

3DS API Testing

Simplifying 3-D Secure testing for issuers and acquires.
Trust HiTRUST for a smooth and reliable deployment of your 3DS solution.

Test 3DS APIs seamlessly with your Card Management System provider and Hardware Security Module (HSM) to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. Our systematic implementation and testing plans, including System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Production Integration Testing (PIT) if necessary, provide a structured approach to validate your 3DS implementation thoroughly.

Experience HiTRUST's robust Sandbox for comprehensive 3D Secure testing. It includes ACS, 3DS Server, advanced Merchant simulator, and demo apps for iOS and Android. Confidently test all scenarios before going live.

HiTRUST's in-house developed merchant simulator offers extensive customization for 3DS testing. Fine-tune parameters like card and shipping details, 3DS message category, authentication indicators, device channel, and passwordless scenarios for precise testing.

Our comprehensive network testing ensures all 3DS APIs are correctly configured within your network and firewall. We verify every detail to align seamlessly with your infrastructure, guaranteeing optimal performance and security.

Effortlessly enroll any card scheme and BIN range into our 3DS testing environment. Our flexible platform ensures thorough testing across diverse scenarios for comprehensive validation of your 3DS implementation.

Simulate all transaction scenarios seamlessly with our test environment. It covers both Payment (PA) and Non-payment Authentication (NPA) transactions, including OTP, OOB, and FIDO authentication methods, providing thorough testing across all spectrums.

Receive a detailed 3DS test report from HiTRUST before going live.

Supported Authentication Channels
  • Browser (PA & NPA)
  • App (PA & NPA)
  • 3RI (NPA)
Pre-defined Test Scenarios
  • Authentication success - frictionless (Y)
  • Authentication challenged - challenge (C)
  • Authentication failed (N)
  • Authentication rejected (R)