transaction trend

As Digital first is the truth, nearly all monetary interactions can be done in an invisible world. Even though many financial institutions have implemented security mechanisms, the mechanisms are with a lag compared with the continuous upgrade of fraud strategies. According to card schemes statistics, the average failure rate of 3DS transaction reaches 18%. It calls for a more effective future for risk management.

The advanced solution of risk management

Veri-id can help financial institutions know the cardholders and their risk level by analyzing device fingerprints, block the fraudsters and hackers while identifying true customers and increase the frictionless rate and transaction approval rate.

Flexible and effective

With Veri-id, the institution can customize risk decision-making and result validation to stop attacks immediately, with accurate risk predictions and identification of new forms of fraud approaches. Moreover, SaaS and On-Premises deployments are provided for institutions to choose.


Take advantage of AI machine learning technology

HiTRUST Veri-id captures essential information from the ever-increasing transaction data, learning and constantly adjusting through a feedback mechanism.


Combine blacklisting, whitelisting, rule engines and AI models

HiTRUST Veri-id is designed with a variety of risk control tools helping financial institutions distinguish between real and phishing transactions, reducing the false positive rate and human negligence.

Make a difference

Multi-layered fraud detection
Real time risk strategy adjustments

Serve you

A friendly user interface with complex functions
High success rate of authorization/transactions

Serve your client

One-stop reliable and seamless online transactions